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7 months ago
Changes to Guilds (and more)!

Guild Changes

Though I'm sure Guilds is a very unfamiliar plugin for most of you, since it's implementation on Trelm, there have been little changes from the default settings, which thankfully is no longer the case.

  • Before there were three guild tiers. Now there are a total of 7 you can achieve. Vaults have been locked to later guild tiers, so you may notice that the ones you had before are no longer there.
  • Guilds (and their tiers) also offered bonus stats, which have been changed. Bonux XP has been nerfed slightly in the earlier tiers and buffed in the later tiers, so you won't have as dramatic an impact in the earlier levels but that will be compensated in the later ones. Bank limits and upgrade prices have all also changed accordingly.
  • Damage bonuses have been removed completely from all guild tiers.
  • Like Ender Chests, you can now no longer put Shulker Boxes in Guild Vaults. 

The thought of Guild buffs is being entertained, so if you have any comments regarding that (what buffs, durations, prices, etc.) do tell.

Game Changes

  • You can now put Shulker Boxes in regular chests.
  • Due to bugs and/or overpowered farms, all fish, Endermen, Zombie Pigmen, and Blazes no longer stack. We implemented stacking as a combatant to lag from spawners. Being that there are not nearly as many spawners now, mobs will only stack from spawners. To stop there from being 10 groups of x30 mobs, stacking has now been limited to x5. Mobs also now only stack if spawned from a spawner. 
  • For raiding, spawners now have a 40% chance of dropping if blown up by TNT, and a 100% chance of dropping if blown up by a Creeper.
  • Due to a bug in Minecraft allowing you to break Bedrock, you can now no longer access the top of the Nether. 

As always, let us know what you think. If you have any criticisms or concerns, feel free to message any Staff member.

9 months ago
Emeralite Armor & Border Update

Besides that, I like the changes. Limiting the border promotes confrontation between players and higher risk of being attacked/raided, and the choice to leave the End alone I think is a good one. While I am speaking from the perspective of owning the portal (so I am biased), I think you should either limit it all or not at all. None of this halfway stuff, which just seems unfair. You've chosen to let people do whatever they way, and I like that. Though I honestly think it would be healthier if you just made it so nobody could claim (but could still build). That way we wouldn't have the problem of people like me blocking the portal. Whichever way you go, I support. 

9 months ago
Emeralite Armor & Border Update

Saying that the Emeralite armour set is non-pvp is just wrong.

Diamond Helmet: 3 armour
Emeralite Helmet: 2 armour
Diamond Chestplate: 8 armour
Emeralite Chestplate: 5 armour
Diamond Leggings: 6 armour
Emeralite Leggings: 4 armour
Diamond Boots: 3 armour
Emeralite Boots: 3 armour

So really with the set you're losing 6 armour, which is three "hearts" or "shields". Looking at the Minecraft wiki, this difference accounts to about 2-4 less points of damage (which is just 1-2 hearts). The variation depends on the damage. Sure, that's significant when you have 10 hp total, but these added bonuses are broken.

10 extra hearts? That already negates (and overrides) the "armour nerf" that Emeralite gives by nearly fivefold.

So you not only get more hp than you would "lose" from the armour, but also 50% extra movespeed? Walking is 4.3 m/s, sprinting is 5.6 m/s. Just walking alone would be much faster than sprinting, and don't even get me started on sprinting. Speeding around in PvP is highly beneficial.

I posted some ideas about the armour on my post in the suggestions forum, but I thought I'd go a little more in depth here.

If you want Emeralite to be truly non-pvp, give it utility perks and the defense of chainmail or gold armour (11-12). Nerf the movement speed bonus to maybe 20 or 30% (5% per piece sounds reasonable) and to make sure it's valuable, give it night vision on the helmet and perhaps regen as a bonus instea of the extra hearts. I misunderstood what a set bonus was (I thought it to be additive to the unique bonuses), so I'm not sure if that's possible. 

While I go more into depth as to why in my other post, I also think that they should have an automatic Mending enchant and not be Unbreakable and also a Curse of Vanishing so dying with Emeralite has bigger consequences than just losing 4 faction power.

9 months ago
Trelm Factions Minecraft Server - Official Release

Cool, thanks for the welcome. Is there any limit to what mobs can be our pets? If, for example, I kill a Ghast with a lead, does that mean I can ride it around?