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19 days ago
Changes to Guilds (and more)!

Guild Changes

Though I'm sure Guilds is a very unfamiliar plugin for most of you, since it's implementation on Trelm, there have been little changes from the default settings, which thankfully is no longer the case.

  • Before there were three guild tiers. Now there are a total of 7 you can achieve. Vaults have been locked to later guild tiers, so you may notice that the ones you had before are no longer there.
  • Guilds (and their tiers) also offered bonus stats, which have been changed. Bonux XP has been nerfed slightly in the earlier tiers and buffed in the later tiers, so you won't have as dramatic an impact in the earlier levels but that will be compensated in the later ones. Bank limits and upgrade prices have all also changed accordingly.
  • Damage bonuses have been removed completely from all guild tiers.
  • Like Ender Chests, you can now no longer put Shulker Boxes in Guild Vaults. 

The thought of Guild buffs is being entertained, so if you have any comments regarding that (what buffs, durations, prices, etc.) do tell.

Game Changes

  • You can now put Shulker Boxes in regular chests.
  • Due to bugs and/or overpowered farms, all fish, Endermen, Zombie Pigmen, and Blazes no longer stack. We implemented stacking as a combatant to lag from spawners. Being that there are not nearly as many spawners now, mobs will only stack from spawners. To stop there from being 10 groups of x30 mobs, stacking has now been limited to x5. Mobs also now only stack if spawned from a spawner. 
  • For raiding, spawners now have a 40% chance of dropping if blown up by TNT, and a 100% chance of dropping if blown up by a Creeper.
  • Due to a bug in Minecraft allowing you to break Bedrock, you can now no longer access the top of the Nether. 

As always, let us know what you think. If you have any criticisms or concerns, feel free to message any Staff member.

2 months ago
An example of where the Mysterious Traveler could be

So on a post of mine I suggested that the Mysterious Traveler be relocated to the end. Here's an example of what it could look like. Note that alternatively he could on the land but in some sort of cave, or just off in the sky and not underneath the island. I just didn't want to build that much.


You spawn in to /warp wild. You look around, and see a curious sight. Some platforms off to the southeast seemingly descending into the void. You do what any adventurer would do, and go and explore.


So you fail. Undeterred, you think of another way to get down. Realizing there is a slight ledge, you try to jump down to it...


And realize there's some sort of a forcefeild blocking the way. Having understood that the jumps are your only way down, you do them. (Okay, so I didn't do them. But I was lagging due to recording. I promise it's possible).


You find an interesting sight. An Enderman that is not only not hostile, but also has things for sale? Here is where you trade with him.


Let me know what you think.

2 months ago
Some extra ideas. Economy, warps, and more!

Some addendums for clarity. Speed is also beneficial in that it can be used to kite people around easily. You'll often see in competitive games such as UHC, they use speed often as a buff in PVP.

When I said 1 home from /sethome, I meant /f sethome.

And when I said ban alt accounts, I meant the alt accounts, not the players who own them. I think they foster unhealthy gameplay in that it gives extra power even though its undeserved (power that cannot be lost as those accounts don't really play, and thus, don't really die). Maybe an interesting mechanic would be having power lost while afk/offline. Would be super unfair at times and hard to balance (if even possible to do at all), but would allow for alt accounts. 

2 months ago
Changing the maze mob arena

With the way that the maze is now, I feel like it would get relatively stale after a few tries. I think that the monotony of the design can impede gameplay. Know that I don't think the idea is bad; in fact, I think it'll be a pretty fun thing to do during some downtime.

So instead I suggest the design I've made below:

Here you can see what it would look like in first-person in a corridor.

Note that for time's sake I used only Acacia Leaves and Podzol (I thought it to be a nice match), but mixing up the leaves can make the background a lot more dynamic, shown below.

In an aerial POV, you can see that instead of having one giant equal maze, there are different paths and turns that lead into openings where you can fight mobs. Letting them trap you in the corridors can lead to your demise. Of course, this is only a small sample. Assuredly the maze would have a lot more directions and paths (vertical, as well). 

Below I've also shown what a decorated room could look like (with an added ceiling). Here I've added some makeshit graves, vines, as well as lighting by means of putting a jack o' lantern at the end of a tube and filling it with leaves for a distant effect. You can also see a little path going down, allowing players to have some choices in their exploration.

I feel that the benefits of such a design are a more threatening maze, clear mob rooms, and a more engaging theme. I of course have forgoed designing an entire maze, but this should give a rough idea of what I think would work.

2 months ago
The spawner situation (and a solution)

Thinking it over, if spawner kills do count, the same problem will accrue. More spawners will just mean more spawners. At that point, spawn eggs and spawner sales should be deleted. Still, they are a valuable resource and something to work towards.

Perhaps a possible alternative is a trade in which you have a spawner + X Emeralite for another spawner. So for example, you could find a cave spider spawner, and then trade it in for a Zombie Spawner for, say, 4 Emeralite (this is just a random number, would have to be balanced). This way spawners would not be self sufficient, but still worth getting.