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6 months ago
Emeralite Armor & Border Update

Hello! The world border has finally been updated. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this and it has finally been done, so now we can all relax a little.


Border Changes

The World Border in all worlds has been reduced to a 10K block radius from Point 0, 0.


Ender World Conclusion

The end world continues to be griefed and we do not want to impose restrictions that might negatively effect gameplay. We have concluded that this can be conquered, griefed and fought over. 

Emeralite Armor

We finally added emeralite armor to the game. When creating this set we wanted to give the community something interesting, but not too powerful. After some testing we believe that Emeralite is the perfect armor for anything and everything non-pvp focused. Diamond armor can still beat a user in Emeralite, but emeralite has strong points for more generic purposes, like exploring, mining and overall general gameplay.

  • Emeralite boots have +3 Armor, +1 Hearts, +20% movement speed
  • Emeralite Leggings have +4 Armor, +3 Hearts, +15% movement speed
  • Emeralite Chestplate has +5 Armor, +4 hearts, +10% movement speed
  • Emeralite Helmet has +2 armor, +2 hearts, +5% movement speed.

Set bonus for Emeralite armor is +14 Armor, +10 hearts, +50% movement speed.

..oh and it's green! so what's not to like!


Known Issues

We're aware that /cui items will display an error. This will not negatively effect your gameplay in anyway and this should be resolved soon.


Planned Features

We had a lot planned for today, but some things fell through and some of our projects are on hold. We will be releasing a wave based mob arena where you can put your true skill to the test. Battle with your friends or even your foes in a competitive PvE arena against waves of enemies and tough bosses, all while running blindly through a giant maze!