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7 months ago
Trelm Update - Planned Features, changes and bug fixes.

Once again, you've done a great job with all the bug fixes and new features.

Exciting planned changes, looking forward to see Trelm grow 😜

7 months ago

RIP Towny..

I appreciate the decision and understand that you're spending time and money on advertising and not retaining the players. This may be a benefical change for the future so I hope this all goes well..

7 months ago
Changes to Guilds (and more)!

The changes are great. As of guild buffs I think it is important to implement them because they cost a lot of emeralds and people don't really see the real reason to upgrade their guilds.

Would it be possible to add some sort of multipliers to gain certain assets such as emeralds from /warp market and perhaps XP from farms within the guild claim. Have you also thought of adding potion buffs such as speed and haste specifically to use in the guild claim, I think this would be a unique idea and would really motivate people to upgrade their guild.

Perhaps on the 7th tier allowing people to /fly in the guild claim?

There is not enough action going on in Trelm! Have you considered adding some sort of supply crates system that happens every few hours around /warp wild? Not making the crates OP at all but specifically to increase the PVP aspect of guilds?

just ideas..



8 months ago
Server Update 2.1

Great job on taking in everyones feedback and implenting them into the server, could only hope better for the future...

Keep up the good work @Velcer :)

8 months ago
Trelm - The new Era!

Really enjoying the server, you've done a great job and can only hope for better in the future! The server deserves more players...