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Emeralite and more!
Started by Velcer



01 Jul 2019

It's update time! .. and boy do we have some fun stuff for you guys!

Emeralite tools and weapons are now available to be crafted. There are also some shops that require emeralite to make a purchase.

The following items have been added to the server:

  1. Emeralite Sword
  2. Emeralite Pickaxe
  3. Emeralite Axe
  4. Emeralite Shovel
  5. Emeralite Scythe?
  6. Emeralite Trident
  7. Emeralite

Emeralite can be obtained only by crafting it. It requires a total of 4 emerald blocks, 4 emerald ore and one end crystal. You can find a full list of crafting recipes with the command /customitems list

Please note that this update comes with a non-intrusive resource pack. Ensure that you allow resource packs on the server by clicking "edit" and enabling resource packs.

Server Performance:

We've tweaked the way we handle mob spawning and so mob farms should work properly now.

The server has been moved to a more stable machine and is now hosted in Dallas TX. 

Revisited the way chunks are loading and made a ton of tweaks.

Updated to the latest paper-spigot release.

We disabled villager raids due to performance issues and a potential exploit.

Hoppers move slower.

PvP Arena

Yes, we added this. Feel free to checkout the new warp with /warps


We're now running ads all over the place to boost our player count. Be on the look out for new faces, and be sure to give them a warm welcome! 

Planned updates features:

Emeralite Armor


Congratulations to Spaytrz for being the first person to purchase premium!

Velcer · 7 months ago · Last edited: 7 months ago