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Started by Velcer



01 Jul 2019

Hello Trelm.


Please read this fully and carefully!

We realize that we made a terrible mistake. Guilds appeared at face value like a great factions alternative. We wanted to try this because it felt unique and might have given our server more value to a player as it’s a new and more enjoyable experience.


.. Somewhere somehow we forgot that Trelm was designed to be a simple, straight forward Factions experience. Not a server with so much that exists that it’s impossible to know what’s what. 


We realize that there’s a lot of features on our server that players love, and we’re glad that you enjoy them. We put a lot of effort into what we make available for our server. We want the best gameplay experience possible, and in order to make this happen, we need to keep things more simple, and less overwhelming for the community.


Recently, we’ve made a lot of changes, as you’re all aware. We’re trying really hard to make this server into more than just a server, a gameplay experience you can remember and continue playing for a long while.


We never should have introduced the guild system. Factions is popular and already familiar to most minecraft players. It was unwise to utilize a new system on a small server, especially this late in minecraft. Most of you are big faction players and love that system. 


I know a lot of you have gotten comfortable with the idea that you cannot be raided, but you’re also becoming restless with less to do. It is hard for us as the server developers to create and provide content that constantly entertains. 


Over the course of the last two weeks, we noticed some depressing data. Most users are searching for factions. We, before our reset, could maintain 20 - 30 players without much effort. This is no longer the case. We know now, much more than we did before. Our system for economy is well established and balanced, and so we could easily re-implement a factions based system without hurting much on the server, it would simply require the adoption of players.


We have a system built that allows you to buy the permissions you want, as well as titles and disguises. We want to improve upon this and allow it to grow in a positive way.


We want spawners to be a bigger factor on our server. Currently, they really aren’t. To do this, we’re going to limit the amount of spawners per Chunk. In addition, you will be able to convert any spawner to match an egg, with some exceptions.


Catching mobs will remain a thing, however we will be removing the chance for capture and sell only one egg at 100%. This egg merchant will instead sell actual spawn eggs.

We intend to reintroduce Player Shops as well as add new merchants to the market. 


We will reintroduce the black market that sells rare items on a restock basis.

Guilds will be completely removed on Wednesday, as well as grief prevention. We expect that you move your valuables over to the factions system.


Creative has been removed from prime. We’re very sorry about this, but creative mode has caused us nothing but grief on the administration side of this. It was a fun idea, but not a good one. Prime users! Please contact me personally and I sincerely hope we can come to some kind of reasonable compromise. It would also be amazing if new prime perks could be suggested. We do have some ideas, but those of you who purchased prime, we will consider your suggestions heavily. Please allow a day or two to have some new perks established for prime. I am confident that we can find a better alternative to creative, that provides just as much, if not more fun and value for prime.


Guilds and grief prevention are still active. It is no longer possible to claim with these systems, only unclaim. We implemented factions. Please, claim your land using factions.


All of these changes will roll out over the next few days, Wednesday being the last day. We expect that a lot of you will be frustrated and for this, please accept my our apology. If I was a player on Trelm, I can’t see myself being in a good frame of mind. So much has changed in such a short time span. Please understand that everything we have done was to improve our server. We failed you, and we know this. We want to correct this mistake, but it needs to be done sooner than later.


I’ve been online for days, trying to fix systems that just don’t work together. We just need to make it simpler, stick to what we know, what you know and build from there.



There will NOT be a world Reset. Everything that you have will remain. What’s changing is the core pvp and claiming system.


Velcer · 7 months ago


25 Aug 2019

RIP Towny..

I appreciate the decision and understand that you're spending time and money on advertising and not retaining the players. This may be a benefical change for the future so I hope this all goes well..

Rocky · 7 months ago