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Flash Sale & More!
Started by Velcer



01 Jul 2019

Hello everyone!


We just secured some new advertisements, so over the next two weeks we should be seeing a higher volume in players. Because of this we have decided to post a 50% off sale on the server. All ranks and items can be purchased for half price, limited time! 


The end of Raiding

There's been a lot of misunderstanding sarrounding this concept for some time, and we never really officially supported it, but tried to anyway. Using feedback from both our players and our own deliberation we have decided to announce that our official server outlook on raiding is that it shouldn't be.

We've made changes to address these issues and there is a new claiming system in place. Guild claims still exist and will continue to exist, but they are seperate from our new claiming system. Regard a guild claim more as a community claim, within your guild.

All users will recieve 100 claim blocks per hour, and you can also buy more claim blocks with emeralds (/buyclaimblocks). 

Welcome Area

We have decided that this was too much for the new users, and so we've removed it from our server. All new players will now start in the spawn area, facing the wilderness warp. We've introduced some small, but impacting changes to hopefully retain new players better.



The following permissions are now available from /shop in game.

  • /repair
  • /repair all
  • /enderchest

Removed /pay from shop.


Bug Fixes

Fixed farmers trades

Fixed an issue where wilderness portal took you back to spawn.

Fixed a visual glitch that made the server display a 0 player count while players were connected.

The night vision helmet no longer flashes.

Fixed a bug that caused herobrine to not function as intended.

Adjusted an oversight that allowed users to use flight while fighting PvE enemies.


Known Bugs

After purchasing a title the shop menu doesn't close.

Obsidian and emeralite armor do not have the correct defense.



Velcer · 6 months ago