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Mega Update
Started by Velcer



01 Jul 2019

Today we introduced two new hats to Trelm, as well as other major changes. 


PvE Update

This update marks the beginning of the PvE side of Trelm. It's rumored that there's some bandits running loose near the wilderness warp.

It's also suggested that Herobrine is more than just a legend.. Something about an abandoned skymill.

  • Added Herobrine
  • Added Ashen Spider
  • Added Ashen Skeleton
  • Added Sinister Skeleton
  • Added Bandit
  • Added Bandit Leader

Herobrine DropRates

Herobrine has various drop rates. All of which will be listed here.

  • 5000 XP (x3 50% chance/ea)
  • Enchanted Golden Apple (x4 13% chance/ea)
  • Emerald (x10 70% chance)
  • Emerald (x20 60% chance)
  • Emerald (x30 50% chance)
  • Emerald (x40 30% chance)
  • Emerald (x50 20% chance)
  • Emerald (x60 10% chance)
  • Emerald (x70 5% chance)
  • Emerald (x100 3% chance)
  • Elytra(x1 8% chance)
  • Mule Spawn Egg (x1 5% chance)
  • Diamond Horse Armor (x1 10% chance)
  • Legendary Emeralite Sword (3% chance)
  • Legendary Obsidian Sword (3% chance)
  • Emeralite (x1 75%)
  • Obsidian Bar (x1 75%)


New Hats

We added some more hats which are all available from our hat merchant!

  • Added G2_Fedora
  • Added Freedom Hat



We noticed that there wasn't enough information for basics, so we added these. In /warp tutorials you will see two new and obvious NPCs to help out newer users.

  • Added New Items NPC.
  • Added New Here? NPC.


Welcome Area Revamp

We changed this, a little. You can now chat in the welcome area, but not on the spawn block.

  • Added cool signs.
  • Added cool fences.
  • Made it more informative.
  • Updated Trelm Guards information.


Hopper Changes

Leveling up hoppers is no longer possible. Basic functionality still remains. 

You may still link and teleport items between hoppers, however the block breaking mechanic is no longer enabled.


New Items

We introduced some new items recently!

  • Added Mining Helmet (available from the miner in /warp market)
  • Added Legendary Emeralite Sword
  • Added Legendary Obsidian Sword

Performance Changes

We updated our backend so that the server runs more smoothly. Feedback on this is appreciated!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing emeralite and obsidian armor to all show "When on feet" rather than the appropriate areas.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed creative users to destroy chests.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed creative users to duplicate Shulker boxes.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed creative users to use /wild for free.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed creative users to create a guild for free.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to double emeralds.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from connecting.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from wearing hats.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the server to randomly crash.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented mobs from spawning near warp wild.
  • Fixed a bug that would randomly kill users in the market.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to die in the void.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented vines from growing.

That's all, have fun!

Velcer · 6 months ago