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New mechanics, ranks and so much more!
Started by Velcer



01 Jul 2019

Hey it's been a whole week! That's the longest we've gone without posting some notes about what's changed on the server and the new and fun things that you can do.


Hopper Mechanics

Today we introduce something ground breaking! 

You like hoppers? Ha ha! me either! But that changes now!!!

Hoppers can now be linked wirelessly. Simply click one, and then the other and then they can be linked! Teleport items and players between hoppers, use advanced sorting systems and more!

Simply left click your hopper to open the GUI menu. You can upgrade it with XP for improved performance.

The maximum amount of hoppers per chunk is now 10, but this is for testing and is subject to change. Please provide feedback on this!


Upgradable Rank Progression

We reworked our entire rank system. Progression is now difficult, ranks are more appealing and offer better kits!

New ranks, with new kits:

  • Rogue
  • Fighter
  • Slayer
  • Puppet
  • Gambler
  • Psychic

Scout, Trapper and Hunter were also modified.

Ranks now enherit older kits, so Psychic can use all kits available to all upgradable ranks.


Spawn Tutorials

We noticed a lack of information for new users, and so we added some tutorials to spawn. Feel free to checkout the big and buff golem who is there to guide new players to a great experience on Trelm!

You may also do /rules to view our server rules (Thanks rimebound!)



We've added some fancy hats for users to wear, ranging from tophats to king kong battling on top of a sky scraper. Special thanks to MilkYourCat for his many contributations!

  • Added Tophat
  • Added Kingkong Tophat
  • Added MrBush hat 
  • Added Jotaro Hat
  • Added Keanu Hat
  • Added MrKrabs Hat
  • Added Dragon Hat
  • Added #1 Hat
  • Added Squidward Hat??



Some changes were made to the way our warps were named and handled. We also added a new warp for fighting the wither!

  • We renamed shops to playershops. The intent for this area is for players to build shops and sell their goods to other users. It can be griefed, built or modified by anyone.
  • Newshops has been renamed to Market. A special place for player shops setup by administrators. 
  • Added Warp Wither. This is the only place on the server the wither can be killed. Note that it's a PvP zone also.


Optimized Advertising

Starting out has been rough, and we've tried so many different methods of growing and reaching a larger audiance. Special thanks to all of you who continue to play and enjoy our server.

We're now running ads on several media platforms and search engines. We're noticing some improvements to activity and will continue testing and improving our reach. Feedback and suggestions would be super appreciated.


Resource Pack

We now force the resource pack on all users. In some special cases we may give you a bypass to this. You may contact an administrator on Discord and they will help you get a bypass setup for your account. Only request this if your computer has low performance or for some reason you cannot run our resource pack.

The Trelm Resource pack does not replace existing textures, and you can still use your own packs - this just allows us to improve the Trelm Minecraft experience by adding more creative content, such as hats, items  and other fun things!


That's all for now, thanks so much for playing on Trelm and as always, have fun!


Velcer · 6 months ago