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Server Update 1.7
Started by Velcer



01 Jul 2019


We're aware that Minecraft 1.14.4 is released. As soon as we're confident we can switch without breaking anything, we will update the server to the latest build. Expect this in the following week. Enough of that though, let's get into what we've improved, changed or otherwise destroyed. 😜


New Administrator

Rimebound is the newest addition to the Trelm team and his help is absolutely tremendous. You can thank this guy for a lot of quality changes and overall bug fixes around the server. 💯


Quality of Life changes:

The enderworld has been cleaned up.

All warps now have an improved spawning area.

You can now use '/rtp' to teleport to a random location in the world (not available for nether or end)

Added server Tutorial

Removed Faction Tag from chat

Removed Partner Tag from chat

Pets now have a respawn time of 120+ seconds

'/marry tp' now requires a confirmation from your partner.


Upgradable Ranks

We've rolled out four new ranks that anyone may purchase using in game items from the Recruiter located in the main spawn area. These are not intended to be powerful ranks that give you an edge, rather a customizable aspect of the server. We will expand further on these in the future. These will change how you appear in chat.

Titles & Kits:

  • Scout
  • Trapper
  • Hunter
  • Miner


Spawner Revamp

We found a lot of issues with our kill mobs for spawner system, and the feedback from that system was not super positive either. Those things in mind we're moving forward with a new system that has a lot more potential.

  • A "Black Market" NPC was added to spawn. It sells limited supply items, including spawners. The spawners will never be super easy to purchase, and will not just be emeralds. We've considered the possibility that rich players will immediently buy up the spawners and so the trades will be randomized and difficult, so that everyone has the time to get the stuff to buy a spawner

  • We decided that a lot of existing farms had negative effects on our server performance. We've implemented a new system that changes how spawning works by spawners. You can now stack multiple spawners onto one block to get higher spawn rates. You can also stack different types of spawners to create fun or new mechanic based combinations.
  • Spawners are restocked randomly, so check back often.
  • Spawners mined will now be instantly added to your inventory rather than dropping to the ground.
  • Spawners are now deactivated when exposed to Redstone.


Raiding Mechanics

Chorus Fruit will no longer teleport you into a faction base.

Obsidian requires 5 hits from an explosion to be destroyed.

Obsidian can be destroyed through water.


Spawn Changes

Improved the decorations and look for most areas.

The time cycle is always night for the spawn.

Removed Fox Spawner 😭

Paths have been changed.

Random haybales were added for effect.

Lighting has been adjusted. Replaced most torches with lanterns.

Cleared some vines that obstructed the paths.

Added a fancy chandelier to the main area.

Removed the Beacon.



Most merchants have been rebalanced. Their shop designs have also been drastically improved and are more theme based.

  • The fisherman has been relocated to a little pond somewhere in spawn.
  • Baker and Butcher have departed. The Chef now fills their shoes and offers more balanced trades.
  • The banker has returned to spawn and now offers common conversions.
  • The Witch has been revamped and has a more appealing appearance.
  • Hunter has been relocated to the wilderness warp.
  • Dungeoneer has been added.
  • A Black Market NPC has been added to the top of spawn.


Bug Fixes

Thanks to all the help we get from our community we've been smashing a lot of bugs lately.

  • Fixed exploit that could allow users to claim land outside of the spawn.
  • Fixed bug that allowed users to escape the spawn.
  • Fixed bug that prevented water from working near spawners.
  • Fixed bug that allowed factionless players to open containers and use doors in claimed territory. 
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to use water and lava in claimed territory. 
  • Fixed bug that allowed creepers to explode blocks in warzones.
  • Fixed bug causing users to get stuck in a haybale when playing the tutorial.
  • Fixed bug allowing users to escape the pvp arena with chorus fruit.
  • Fixed bug with pets that caused them to lose levels at random.
  • Fixed bug with pets that allowed you to duplicate armor.
  • Fixed issue with emeralite armor.
  • Fixed a bug that would show an error when running /customitems list
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