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Trelm Update - Planned Features, changes and bug fixes.
4 days ago

Hey Trelmites! (okay yeah, that's terrible but we'll work on it)


New Features

  • Added new commands for prime users (/farmer, /miner, /hunter, etc - opens GUI for market trades)
  • Improved Herobrines spawn location
  • Added slime blocks to the Mechanic.
  • Added Spawner Merchant.
  • Added Spawn Eggs to the Egg Merchant
  • Added subtle changes to warp wild

Removed Features

  • It's no longer possible to get the /fly permission. Instead, it's now /f fly, which is usable only in claims.
  • The ability to open shulkers from your inventory has been removed as there were critical exploits involved. ...
Factions Update
8 days ago

Hello Trelm!

We finally implemented all the neccessary steps for factions to work on our server. The transition from our previous claiming system was incredibly smooth. We appreciate all of your patience and support during this change.

We will be rolling out small changes over the next few days to finalize everything and improve server quality. We will be implementing a voting system, among other things to allow you to earn further rewards.


That's all, have fun!

11 days ago

Hello Trelm.


Please read this fully and carefully!

New Claiming System
12 days ago

Hello all,


Due to conflictions with our new claiming system and guillds, the guild claiming system is disabled. Please use the land claiming tutorial at spawn if you're confused about anything (/warp tutorials).

We've disabled Guild Claiming. You cannot claim land for a guild, however you can unclaim land. On September 15th we will be removing all existing guild claims, so this is how long you have to switch over to the new system.

Command          Description                                                          &nbsp...

Flash Sale & More!
13 days ago

Hello everyone!


We just secured some new advertisements, so over the next two weeks we should be seeing a higher volume in players. Because of this we have decided to post a 50% off sale on the server. All ranks and items can be purchased for half price, limited time! 


The end of Raiding

There's been a lot of misunderstanding sarrounding this concept for some time, and we never really officially supported it, but tried to anyway. Using feedback from both our players and our own deliberation we have decided to announce that our official server outlook on raiding is that it shouldn't be.

We've made changes to address these issues and there is a new claim...