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Emeralite Armor & Border Update
9 hours ago

Hello! The world border has finally been updated. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this and it has finally been done, so now we can all relax a little.


Border Changes

The World Border in all worlds has been reduced to a 10K block radius from Point 0, 0.


Ender World Conclusion

The end world continues to be griefed and we do not want to impose restrictions that might negatively effect gameplay. We have concluded that this can be conquered, griefed and fought over. 

Emeralite Armor

We finally added emeralite armor to the game. When creating this set we wanted to g...

Economy Rebalance
5 days ago

Hello everyone,


After a week of letting our economy run, and trying different things we've noticed some very undesirable results. With that in mind we've carefully rebuilt our economy with farm based systems in mind. With the trades available in the spawn, users should be able to create their own farms to produce and earn emeralds. 



Revamped shop system. Emeralds are harder to obtain.

Spawners have become easier to obtain. 



Emeralite ore has been reverted to it's original crafting recipe.

Emeralite Scythe was vaulted. 

Emeralite Pickaxe was nerfed.


Resource pack and bug fixes!
6 days ago



We have new textures for all of our custom items, so make sure to check those out.

Items reskinned:

  1. Emeralite Sword
  2. Emeralite Pickaxe
  3. Emeralite Axe
  4. Emeralite Claw
  5. Emeralite Trident
  6. Emeralite Scythe


Quality of life changes:

Emeralite now only costs 64 EB to craft.

When changes are made on the backend to improve items, old versions update as well.

The scythe now has smite 9, and is super effective against some PvE enemies.

The shovel has been replaced by the Emeralite Digging Claw.



Bug Fixes

Fixed an is...

Spawner Update
7 days ago

Hello everyone! 


We've added the ability for you to use silk touch on any spawner to pick it up. There's also a new merchant in the spawn, so be sure to say hello!


Added the ability to pickup spawners

Added a spawner merchant

The following spawners were added to the spawner merchant

  1. Cow
  2. Pig
  3. Chicken
  4. Skeleton
  5. Zombie
  6. Blaze
  7. E...
Emeralite and more!
9 days ago

It's update time! .. and boy do we have some fun stuff for you guys!

Emeralite tools and weapons are now available to be crafted. There are also some shops that require emeralite to make a purchase.

The following items have been added to the server:

  1. Emeralite Sword
  2. Emeralite Pickaxe
  3. Emeralite Axe
  4. Emeralite Shovel
  5. Emeralite Scythe?
  6. Emeralite Trident
  7. Emeralite

Emeralite can be obtained only by crafting it. It requires a total of 4 emerald blocks, 4 emerald ore and one end crystal. You can find a full list of crafting recipes with the command /customitems list...