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Cosmetic Update
6 months ago

Hello everyone!


Thank you Obsessive_OwOtaku for your title suggestions. You will recieve an ultimate rank!

New Titles

  • Unicorn - 800 Emeralds
  • Fairy - 800 Emeralds

New Disguises

  • Ocelot - 175 Emeralds
  • Villager - 600 Emeralds



Just a heads up, we're working on some new forms of advertisements. Please bear with us, we want the server to grow as much as you do. 

Raiding Update
6 months ago

Hello all,


Today we introduce a new system to Trelm. You can now destroy obsidian using TNT and other explosive items, such as EnderCrystals and Creepers.

Each Obsidian block will have a value of 500 Health. The formula for damage is simple, 2 / distance. 1 damage per explosion. That's 500 TNT to destroy an obsidian block at a distance of 20.

Right click a block with a stick to view it's health.


  TnT: 6.9

  Creeper: 3.8

  ChargedCreeper: 14.2

  EndCrystal: 12





Trelm Update - Planned Features, changes and bug fixes.
7 months ago

Hey Trelmites! (okay yeah, that's terrible but we'll work on it)


New Features

  • Added new commands for prime users (/farmer, /miner, /hunter, etc - opens GUI for market trades)
  • Improved Herobrines spawn location
  • Added slime blocks to the Mechanic.
  • Added Spawner Merchant.
  • Added Spawn Eggs to the Egg Merchant
  • Added subtle changes to warp wild

Removed Features

  • It's no longer possible to get the /fly permission. Instead, it's now /f fly, which is usable only in claims.
  • The ability to open shulkers from your inventory has been removed as there were critical exploits involved. ...
Factions Update
7 months ago

Hello Trelm!

We finally implemented all the neccessary steps for factions to work on our server. The transition from our previous claiming system was incredibly smooth. We appreciate all of your patience and support during this change.

We will be rolling out small changes over the next few days to finalize everything and improve server quality. We will be implementing a voting system, among other things to allow you to earn further rewards.


That's all, have fun!

7 months ago

Hello Trelm.


Please read this fully and carefully!